We have entered a digital era where web development is the first step toward business success. Modern technology must be used to make things that broaden the client base. Moreover, modern developers concentrate more on building applications with a mix of new technologies to achieve faster and better results in their projects.

There are already 5.5 million applications available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but how to build an application with the right technology has become a huge question for businesses. Furthermore, designing an application from scratch necessitates the use of numerous tools and technologies while reducing development time and streamlining resources.

There are many programming languages available today in the market that help you build a robust app with a strong front and back end. While, amongst all, MEAN Stack development is the most demanding for developers and businesses, as its solutions are related to web development challenges.

In this article, we will explore essential reasons that will make you sure why MEAN Stack is the best to choose for your next project!

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to create dynamic web pages and web apps. It is a series of open-source frameworks such as MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. These frameworks have proven best in developing complex applications.

The fundamental advantage of developing MEAN Stack projects is that all frameworks are managed by a single programming language, JavaScript. Moreover, JavaScript has set a strong base in establishing a reputation for serving best in the Web development process.

Because JavaScript is commonly utilized in MEAN Stack development services, software development firms can create apps that work effectively in both server-side and client-side execution contexts. Furthermore, it is becoming more popular to create strong, quick, and maintainable web and mobile applications. Additionally, it is more popular to build robust, fast, and maintainable web and mobile applications.

MEAN is an acronym, and each letter stands for something different:

M- MongoDB: A database management system that is utilized in the MEAN Stack framework.

E- Express.JS: It is a strong framework that hosts and supports Node.js projects.

A- Angular.JS: An open-source framework that handles frontend development in order to create interactive websites.

N- Node.JS: Provides outstanding backend services while increasing app performance by 50%.

What are the characteristics of MEAN Stack Development?

The main features that define MEAN Stack are:

Quick and Elementary

The websites and applications that are developed on a single platform that is JavaScript makes the entire process easier and faster for development.

Active Developers Community

The combination of MEAN Stack is made up of the most used programming languages worldwide. Therefore, there are expectedly more developers that make quicker and easier solutions for all parties.

MEAN Stack Flexibility

JavaScript is the base programming language of MEAN Stack that is adaptable, that makes a wide range of web applications that are flexible.

12 Undoubted Reasons to Choose MEAN Stack Development for Your Project!

Of course, no one should doubt this trending technology that has given unique applications for web and mobile development; while there are still questions pertaining to the potential of this tech combination for enterprise-level mobile apps. Let’s dive into the details of these reasons:

Low Development Cost

MEAN Stack is an open-source full-stack JavaScript framework that is built to take advantage of its free features. As a result, regardless of the project, they tend to have minimal costs and expenses across the entire mobile application development process.

Moreover, the code-sharing feature of JavaScript cuts down the total development time and cost automatically. While, in comparison to LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack requires fewer developers, and license costs are not charged by MEAN Stack software development companies.

Highly efficient and flexible

MEAN Stack allows developers to develop and test codes on cloud platforms without any hassle. It is extremely efficient and has numerous advantages over other technologies. The most used programming languages are JavaScript which makes the development process easy and allows the team of developers to switch tasks and solve queries easily.

Isomorphic Coding

Isomorphic code is code that can execute on both the client and server sides. MEAN Stack development allows easy code transfers and reusability from one framework to another. It makes sure that the codes work well on platforms that smoothen search engine optimization and boost the ranking of your website.

A code maintainability function is also given, which reduces code liability and saves developers time. One of the most significant benefits of MEAN Stack is the ability to reuse native code.

Role of JavaScript

The entire coding takes place on a PHP server while working on the MEAN Stack framework. The database queries are written in MySQL, while the program’s backend is built in JavaScript, which is compatible with both Windows and Linux PC.

Moreover, JavaScript is a multi-paradigm and high-level language that plays the main role in managing and recovering data. As a result, it’s a developer-friendly framework that provides the MEAN Stack development team with faster backend response and continuous application evolution over time.

Acquire MVP faster

The MVP (Minimal Viable Project) is a preliminary set of features that many customers desire. It consists of large libraries, reusable modules, and extra frameworks that ensure the organization achieves the MVP as fast as feasible.

MVP helps in building a solid foundation for outstanding software and websites. This saves a lot of time and work, making the overall development process less stressful.

Flexibility with MongoDB

For large-scale applications and websites, it represents data in a database management system. It consists of a JSON document that sorts through all of the data and is extremely effective at managing large amounts of data. MongoDB is one of the top five databases in the world, according to DB engine ratings. Because the framework is based on object-oriented programming, the entire process is significantly simplified and easier. MongoDB’s auto-sharing functionality automates horizontal scaling, allowing the server to store and share massive amounts of data without fail.

The entire process is quite simpler and easier as the framework is based on object-oriented programming. The auto-sharing feature in MongoDB automated the horizontal scaling that helps the server to store and distribute a large amount of data without fail.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

JSON is the best advantage of MEAN Stack since it allows for easy data movement between framework levels. It is used by web developers who work with MongoDB or AngularJS. Developers save time since MongoDB data is stored in JSON format, which has isomorphic coding qualities. It imports data from MySQL using functions, codes, and processes.

Massive Libraries

There are huge libraries of JavaScript modules that provide great help to the developer while in the MEAN Stack Development process. It refrains developers to write long codes to gain certain outputs. These libraries are faster and guarantee the entire code is correct. Therefore, the libraries save time and effort for developers by boosting the speed of the entire development process.

Input of Node.js

Node.js provides substantial support at the application’s backend, which is far superior to standard web apps. This technique operates on a non-blocking input-output terminal that employs a web socket to deliver data and information to the client without requiring permission from the client.

The feature of quick catching allows the runtime environment to reduce the load time with the help of functional teams. Therefore, improving the performance and cost of the application.

Large community support

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages across the globe. By this, the developers and leads across the world receive an appraisal of development in organizations. There is a huge community across the world that consists of experts and seniors who help in solving the queries of other MEAN Stack developers. If you have any issues, you can just Google your problem and find the complete program solution that is easily accessible. This is because the MEAN Stack is a demonstration of instruments for developers and you can pick any language without any interruptions.

Cloud compatibility

MEAN Stack framework uses library functions, modules, and many more public repositories throughout the web development process. It is a highly beneficial and cost-effective feature because it decreases the use of storage space and the expense of purchasing gadgets. It enables developers to build strong cloud apps utilizing the MongoDB database management system.

Exceptional performance

Node.js plays a major role in the entire MEAN Stack framework that ensures excellent performance. It helps in creating dynamic web applications with high-end results. Node.js is simpler to learn than other programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and NodeJS and produces superior outcomes.


There are still many advantages of MEAN Stack development that make it the best combination of JavaScript for creating dynamic and outstanding highest-rated web applications. The MEAN Stack developers offer full cutting-edge cloud support. Many popular platforms, including Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Uber, use it.

It is good to opt for MEAN Stack services offered by various software development companies that have a highly skilled and experienced team of developers that offers robust and cost-effective solutions.

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