Outsourcing companies closely follow the latest trends and actively apply them in practice. If you plan to create software for your business, you need to choose a software provider aware of all innovations. This article has collected the latest IT outsourcing trends for 2023. By familiarizing yourself with them, you can immerse yourself in the topic and use the novelties to your advantage.

Technological Trends in IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing firms carefully monitor promising innovations in the world of technology and immediately implement them in the work process. For 2023, the most popular solutions will be the following: 


By 2023, industries actively implementing blockchain in their business operations will relentlessly grow. The increasing popularity of this decentralized technology is explained by its benefits: 

Advantages of blockchain technology
Advantages of blockchain technology
  • Transparency: All blocks are public, so any interested person can easily find all the details about each transaction. 
  • Data security: Information is not stored on a single server or computer but is distributed across multiple devices. 
  • Security: Technology’s several encryption methods provide reliable data protection. 
  • Independence: Blockchain is a decentralized technology and avoids third-party interference in internal operations. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In recent years, interest in Artificial Intelligence has been growing, leading to the emergence of many software solutions that use this technology. AI enables a fast operation with considerable information, seriously increasing efficiency and profitability and reducing risk through improved forecasting. 

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning is a part of AI technology that significantly simplifies many processes. It is constantly learning, improving efficiency, and can perform many tasks, such as image recognition, picking a recommendation for each user, and search engine optimization. Also, Machine Learning allows for predicting and preventing fraud. Moreover, ML enables to build of smart assistants in various industries, such as online marketplaces

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has been at the forefront of IT outsourcing for several years. This system of interconnected devices is used in various industries, including logistics, healthcare, and education. Examples of IoT applications that will be popular in 2023 include:

  • Freight Tracking
  • Biometric sensors
  • Monitoring conditions in a container or warehouse, etc.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

In 2023, AR and VR will be actively used in education, making the learning process more interactive. Moreover, these technologies are actively used to create mobile and desktop games.

Robotics Process Automation

The use of programmable machines is also becoming a new trend. Such devices will reduce the work done by human staff, lowering costs and risks and improving the company’s overall performance.  

Outsourcing of IT Functions

Equally important in 2023 will be developing complex, layered solutions that enable the most difficult tasks. 

Cloud solutions

Such solutions will be in high demand in 2023 as they allow easier and faster communication between team members and business partners. There are three main models of cloud solutions: 

Models of cloud services
Models of cloud services

Focus on cybersecurity

As businesses are actively digitalizing, possible security threats are also expanding. Therefore, cybersecurity solutions are in great demand. Outsourcing companies use such technologies as VPN, SSLs, and multi-factor authentication. 

Trade automation

Among the implications of Covid-19 for business, the trend of online shopping plays an important role. By 2023, the e-commerce platform will be one of the critical pathways to retail business success. 

IT Outsourcing Organizational Trends

The organization of cooperation is also constantly changing and improving. In 2023, some trends will come to the fore: 

Software modernization

In 2023, dealing with outdated nonfunctional software harms business success. Because of this, there is a growing demand for software upgrades, updates, and technical support provided by outsourced IT companies. 

Increased need for IT consulting

The evolution of outsourcing allows businesses to get rid of the need to find and constantly maintain an in-house analyst. Instead, if necessary, you can quickly get expert advice, which will help you analyze the opportunities and risks and suggest the best solution for your business. Moreover, many companies on the market will allow you to find the best option with an acceptable IT consulting rate

Helping you make decisions about digitalization

The days you had to complete a project plan before contacting a software vendor are gone. In 2023, you only need a rough idea of ​​the future product, including the result you want to get, the initial investment amount, and your requirements. Then, by sharing it with an experienced IT service provider, you can get a complete analysis and documents for developing your software solution.

Trends in IT Services Provision

New trends are also emerging in cooperation and the provision of services. Among them:

The demand for niche experts

Some business domains, such as Healthcare, Logistics, or FinTech, require particular expertise from the software development team. For these areas, it is essential to understand the intricacies of all the main processes. 

Flexibility and adaptability

In today’s world, quickly adapting to changing conditions is essential for businesses and IT companies. Therefore, when choosing a software provider in 2023, pay attention to these points:

  • Ability to quickly find a common language with the client
  • Capability to promptly respond to changes and scale the team as needed
  • Quick response to the latest trends and their implementation in work

Emphasis on quality

If earlier the main point when choosing an outsourcing vendor was a low price, now more and more attention is paid to the quality. To select the best software provider, consider customer reviews, portfolios, and information on the company’s website.

Long-term cooperation

IT outsourcing is not only writing code for your software. Progressive software providers also provide a wide range of services to maintain your product further. In addition, cooperation does not end after your website or application is launched – in the future, the IT vendor will help you update software for new OS versions, fix possible bugs, and expand functionality to attract new users and increase efficiency.

CEE region starts to lead

Recent trends show that companies from Central and Eastern Europe are in increasing demand among clients worldwide. This is due to such factors:

  • High government support for IT services
  • Low taxes
  • A large number of professionals
  • Choice of cooperation models
  • Lots of technologies
  • Experienced specialists in narrow fields

The number of IT companies in the CEE region will approach 6500 and continue to grow.

IT companies in Eastern Europe, by size

Final Words

Outsourcing IT services is a popular direction, the demand for which only increases. If you need the services of a software provider, consider the latest trends to choose the best company to help your business digitize and grow.

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