Mac(s) have been the standard for decades regarding high-end graphic creation. This is because the items are designed with this feature in mind. The products Apple produces have excellent aesthetics. As a result, their attractiveness as a whole may be a selling feature. All Mac World provides rapid access to graphics programmers, apps, and other software.

Even though most professional design software is only accessible for Windows, the Mac operating system has a reputation for superior visual design. Compared to PCs, Macs are more likely to update with new features. With Windows Easy Transfer, you may copy data like photos, music, and settings to a new machine.

Apple can adopt new technologies, such as USB, more quickly since there is just one supplier. Since Mac users are a minority, Apple ensures its devices can run Windows software. Apple computers can use Windows-formatted CDs and run Windows software in OS X. The Mac operating system is the only one that can run some graphic design applications. Let’s try to know why do Mac users not like Windows PC.

Why don’t MAC users choose Windows?

Here is a rundown of why a Mac is more suited for business than a Windows PC:

1. Lost in Translation

Dissatisfaction with the software. No way. Some Windows programs have a dated aesthetic. The new moniker for OS X by Apple, macOS, is more polished than Windows. The Start menu and the multitasking interface are only two examples of Windows’ state-of-the-art user interface. Yet, the operating system’s Disk Management tool is reminiscent of a bygone era.

Upgraded apparatus. The speed, responsiveness, and ease of use of the laptop were all impressive. When I first started using a flash drive to transfer data, having a legacy USB port was quite beneficial. The onboard microSD card reader was convenient, although I would have preferred a full-sized slot. Superior over the sluggish MacBook Pro’s Internet.

2. Screen Time

The original iPhone popularized capacitive touchscreens and set the industry standard. When I saw the iPad, I assumed the MacBook Pro would also have a touchscreen. I can’t believe it still hasn’t arrived. After 18 months, the touchscreen on my HP Specter x360 laptop is fantastic. Swift scrolling and zooming make it more efficient to hit OK or Cancel than to move the mouse. Using it, juggling many tasks is much less of a hassle.

Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop are made for touch displays. For users, touchscreens have no drawbacks. The HP Tilt Pen made it much easier to shade or make a calculated choice than using a trackpad or mouse. Using a pen on a screen isn’t as precise as using a Wacom tablet, but it does the job if you need a lightweight, transportable option. That is why mac users not like Windows OS computer.

3. Software Gap

I like macOS over Windows. As a result, macOS software often performs better than Windows and is the primary platform for software development. Some programs don’t work with Windows. Unfortunately, Carbon Copy Cloner is only available on Macs. Windows-based code editors have more flaws. The Creative Cloud for Mac is ten times better than Windows. Adobe Premiere’s two-finger scrolling functionality is broken.

There are issues with Premiere’s compatibility with all Windows chipsets. Because of how you’ve set things up, fewer resources can be found online. The top games are exclusively for Windows. Video gaming on personal computers already exists. Apple laptops are less well stocked with games than PCs are due to their modular nature. Steam will no longer provide support for SteamVR on macOS, despite the growing popularity of virtual reality (VR) media.

4. High Maintenance

Macs occasionally have available software updates. All it takes to update is a single click, and you’re finished. Apple conveniently bundles its update packages for users to install. The many Windows software programs on my Specter x360 have their update cycles. Microsoft, HP, Intel, and NVidia need to improve. Microsoft and HP have functional upgrades. This doesn’t include Intel or NVidia.

Intel’s infrequent updates necessitate human verification. The Intel Driver & Support Assistant homepage loads. Computer updates are checked online. Uncertain. It’s telling me to reinstall a patch that I had already applied. Start the NVidia GeForce Experience app, sign in, and create a big update file. This patch is not for your game copy, but for your computer’s bare bones. Microsoft needs to consolidate its several updating programs including Outlook.

5. Wake-Up Call

There’s strange behavior on my Best Buy HP laptop. Despite my best efforts, it frequently arises when the lid is closed. The noise from the fan starts right away. Why? To what end? The buzzing got so intense that it was unsafe to touch by morning. The laptop’s feet are made of rubber. Impressive! The adhesive on both strips melted.

The wire I had stashed away in my bag was unnecessary. It was 17% charged when fully awake, heated, and attentive. Sometimes, the charging process will pause around 87% or 93% but then resume. Unacceptable. There were no power outlets, so I could not work during the five-hour trip. Why? Maybe.

Disappointing fingerprint reader. I’ll be happy if it works like the fingerprint scanner on my Pixel 3 XL. However, there are flaws in both facial and fingerprint identification. Face scans don’t always function, especially in low or against light. In some instances, my finger doesn’t get detected. After five invalid attempts, you will be prompted to enter the password.

6. Through the Looking Glass

It might look like I’m saving up to criticize Windows, but that’s not the case. Operating systems like Windows are typically reliable. Fortunately, I seldom have issues with my laptop. In particular, I appreciate the screen, keyboard, expansion slots, and card reader. Infrequently it drives me completely insane. The Mac operating system has flaws as well. While I’ve had some Apple programs (namely Adobe) issues, Windows has been far more frustrating.

7. Timeless Design

To this day, Windows remains a forerunner in the software industry. The CD-ROM drive and Intel Pentium CPU both fall under Windows’ purview. Since Windows laptops have been around for quite some time, their exteriors have evolved. To a large extent, users have grown up with these developments. A computer’s age is readily apparent to many Windows users.

In addition to Microsoft, Windows is closely linked to several other well-known companies. As a result, there is no universal method of spotting a Windows laptop. Modern MacBooks don’t feel as antiquated as their older counterparts because of their clean, classic appearance. After figuring out how to make a laptop that looked good, Apple stuck with that design. Thus design is crucial that’s why Mac users not like Windows PC.

8. Seamless Cloud Integration

Apple’s devices may now peacefully cohabit thanks to iCloud. Thanks to I Message, Handoff, and Airdrop, you can easily communicate and share files on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Friday Network’s compatibility with Mac aids in developing airbags, Air Pods, MagSafe-compatible cases, and leather wallets. Each component cooperates with the rest of its system and the ecosystem as a whole. The company is planning many simultaneous product launches.

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, is comparable. OneDrive’s prominence may be mainly attributed to its seamless compatibility with Office 365, Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite. OneDrive allows its users to sync their files and documents automatically. Microsoft OneDrive’s most prominent users are businesses and educational institutions because the platform supports collaborative projects. It’s more commonly linked with work than play. It has a narrower scope than Apple’s iCloud.

9. Security and Privacy Focused Agenda

Users of the internet have mixed feelings about the amount of information gleaned about them. Despite Windows’ best efforts, Apple appears to be the industry leader in protecting user privacy.

CSO reports that Microsoft is working on data classifications to make its collaboration tools more secure for user data. Apple’s strategy may turn off its business clientele.

In 2021, Apple introduced privacy notifications and alternatives that would prevent applications from following you. When people consider brands they trust not to sell their data, Apple is often at the top of the list.

Apple has been successful for a long time because of its well-known status as a secure computing environment. Since Apple controls both the hardware and the operating system, it has a lot of say in how difficult it is for apps to reach customers.

10. Environmentally Friendly Positioning

Generation to generation, values shift, and so make shopping habits. The workforce entry of Generation Z coincides with their expected spending dominance in the 202s. There has been a shift toward more environmentally friendly activities due to climate change fears.

Microsoft’s early advocacy for the right-to-repair policy is a step ahead of Apple’s, but its hundreds of manufacturing partners make it difficult to verify its green claims. Due to Windows’s dominance as a desktop OS, it’s often confusing for non-technical audiences to distinguish between the software and the companies that produce personal computers.

Since the iPhone 13, Apple has been in the black. Apple has greater say over its production and distribution processes thanks to its closed and proprietary operating systems. As a result, Apple is better able to implement its brand-wide push to cut down on greenhouse gas production. That’s one of the major reasons why Mac users not like Windows.

Who Will Win?

Apple has shown that superior processing isn’t the only factor that may make or break a product’s popularity. Apple is working to catch up to Microsoft in terms of technology. Still, there is cause for optimism. Microsoft’s OS is widely adopted by businesses thanks to its adaptability, widespread use in the gaming community, and focus on the needs of individual users.

Now, Microsoft has surpassed Apple as the industry leader. As consumers express their preferences for the sort of society they wish to live in through their spending habits, Microsoft is continuing to realign itself with the next generation’s values.


Regarding serious work, Macs are far superior to Windows PCs. Its backup battery, compact size, and portability all provide an air of serious professionalism. The intended result will be swiftly attained. Windows is more flexible and user-friendly, while Linux is better for multimedia and gaming. Those looking to buy a PC for themselves who fall into the category of “casual users” with either severe or modest gaming goals should look at Windows 10 or 11.

There is less unnecessary software on Apple’s latest systems because of the company’s strict approach to program management. Helping customers is a primary priority for Apple, and they deliver. Even though Apple’s customer service is top-notch, comparing it to other PC manufacturers is a daunting task due to the wide variety of available options. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you like our article on “why do Mac users not like Windows?” and enjoyed it.

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